Generation 2 Heirs

Kaiya Thorpe
Kaiya has never believed in hiding who she is, or where she comes from. She celebrates her individuality and her heritage in everything she does, from her daily martial arts routine to her evening fishing expeditions. But how long can the perfect life last?

Traits: Loves the Outdoors, Disciplined, Lucky, Eco-Friendly

 - Mixed Couple
 - 3 children
 - Own Income: Angler
 - Spouse Income: Busker

Generational Goal:  Deadbeat Parents
Miscellaneous Fun:  Half-Siblings

 Mika Thorpe
Mika has grown up thinking that being the "Good Girl" was the way to get the best out of life. But when that nature left her unappreciated and dateless at the prom, Mika is now debating just how to make sure that SHE is the celebrated sister.
Traits: Brave, Disciplined, Good, Commitment Issues

Mixed Single
3 children

Generational Goal:  Photogenic
Miscellaneous Fun:  Tattoo Addict

Well, if we're going to get really technical, I already have the heir for Generation 2. Since the Story Time contest spans most of the girls' early lives, there isn't really a chance for a good voting system. I did a spur-of-the-moment voting session in the MTS #create chat the other night and ended up with the heir.

Feel free to post a comment about your own preferred heir! See if you're right when the time comes!

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