Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Introduction and Foreword


I've recently started a Random Legacy challenge in The Sims 3. This legacy is currently in the early stages, and is also being used for the Story Time Contest: Hero Edition, over at Mod the Sims.

As I update my contest entries onsite, I will try to get the next chapter up here once the round closes. Bonus being - I have extra chapters here that wouldn't be included with the contest! They're small, but little pieces of life that I've culled from the contest story for one reason or another.

So we're starting with Sapphira Thorpe (who, technically, is my Generation 2 heir). However, I lack stories for Generation 1, as well as the Gen 2 spares. So for all intents and purposes, the legacy starts with Sapphira.


Here's some background on my original Generation 1 and the spares:

Rachel Thorpe (deceased)
Traits: Workaholic, Family-Oriented, Perceptive, Frugal, Green Thumb
- Mixed Single (single parent with a mixture of adopted and biological children)
- 5 Children
- Law Enforcement (Forensics)

... Not going to lie. I sort of ignored the Generational Goal and the Miscellaneous Fun rolls for Rachel. The five children took up all my time. :P I also ignored the rolls completely for the spares - I knew from the start that Sapphira was going to be my heir.

Japheth Palarui-Thorpe
Traits: Frugal, Ambitious, Hydrophobic, Star Quality, Virtuoso

Story Progression Life:
Married to Akimahia Palarui-Thorpe
No children
Musician - Band Manager
1-Star Celebrity

Elissa Thorpe
Traits: Hopeless Romantic, Hydrophobic, Hot-Headed, Unflirty, Absent-Minded

Story Progression Life:
Engaged to Arthur Movikua
No children
Musician - Stagehand

 Kalea Thorpe
Traits: Never Nude, Dog Person, Excitable, Loner, Unlucky

Story Progression Life:
Dating Brain Chenguang-Koriburni
No children
Military - Latrine Cleaner

Evan Thorpe
Traits: Great Kisser, Athletic, Can't Stand Art, Flirty, Loves the Outdoors

Story Progression Life:
Engaged to Maeve Taylor
No children
Athletic - Snack Hawker